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About Us
Reysolar (Xiamen Ruiye New Energy Co.,Ltd.) is a high-tech company in the solar photovoltaic industry, specializing for solar mounting system R&D, production, sales and service.Since its establishment in 2002, Reysolar has provided professional solar PV mounting system products and solutions to dozens of countries and regions. Additionally, Reysolar has established long-term strategic cooperation partnerships with many well-known PV enterprises all around the world. Reysolar is a bright star among the solar PV mounting system field.
Hot Products

Reysolar has independently developed various solar mounting system solutions, such as Ground Mounting System, Flat Roof Mounting System, Pitched Roof Mounting System, Metal Roof Solar PV Racking System and other products to meet different landforms and surfaces. Reysolar design and produce easy-installation and cost-effective solar PV mounting system products, as per customers demands, the target country and international standards.

  • Solar Ground Racking System


    Solar Ground Racking System for solar is versatile, sustainable and cost effective. It can be easily deployed as a mounting system installed on the ground. When used for ground mounting steel...
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  • Aluminum Ground Racking System


    Aluminum Ground Racking System is developed for solar power plants, offer a flexible, simple and affordable solutiong. It is applied to large commercial solar power plant for public utilities....
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  • Ground Racking System


    Ground Racking Systems are essential in anchoring your solar power system to a fixed point, such as the ground, a roof, or a pole, etc. We carry a wide variety of mounting systems and custom...
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  • Ground Mount Solar Racking


    This Ground Mount Solar Racking designed to provide an economical and practical mounting solution for large-scale open areas.The design with U connector instead of front leg is more convenient and...
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  • Ground PV Mounting System


    Ground PV Mounting System (w/o Mid or End Clamp) is designed to provide an economical and practical mounting solution for large-scale open areas, with advantages of rapid shipment and fast...
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  • Ground PV Mount System


    Ground PV Mount System, Is A Solution Including Steel Structure And Aluminum Rails.It Is Suitable For Both Small And Large-Scale Solar Plants. With A Flexible Connection, It Can Be Installed Onto...
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  • Solar Ground Mounting System


    Solar Ground Mounting System has been developed for mounting the photovoltaic array system on the open fields. The steadiness and safety of this product is complied with the international...
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  • Solar Ground Mount System


    Our Solar Ground Mount System is a highly versatile ground installation solution that can be widely used in commercial and public utilities. With the patent components, our ground mounting system...
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